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Hi, my name is Tijana Debelić.

For quite some time I felt the need to create something with my knowledge, skills and passion. And here it is: welcome to Psi Qonsult.

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What we offer

Psi Qonsult is a psychological consulting and coaching agency for people and businesses that offers services online or face to face in the Croatian, Italian and English language.

Personal development

Life requires continuous growth. I am here to guide you through your journey of self-actualization, helping you to accept who you are, realize who you want to be and how to get there.

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Business performance

Whether it’s about organizing a training course, individual coaching or a team building, the final goal is always to enhance your company’s performance.

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Psychological counseling and therapy

If you’re suffering from anxiety or mood disorder, stress related issues, low self-esteem, poor anger management or other psychological difficulties, please don’t give up, there is a way out.

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Couples counseling

Maintaining a good relationship requires effort and motivation. You and your partner can work through your issues (communication, trust, intimacy and other) and find a new way of staying together.

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Check some of my projects.

Health Couch

For those of you who prefer a traditional way of therapy, face to face, I created a comfy zone where you can feel safe enough to be who you are and to express yourself.
Welcome to my studio. 

Online counseling

Seize the opportunity of the digital age and meet me online. Whatever challenges you are facing right now I will provide you with the necessary help. Wherever you are, you are just a screen away from me.

Walk and talk

Instead of meeting me within the bounds of the office, the session is held outside. The natural environment acts as a calming setting while walking and talking about your issues brings you closer to the possibility of change.

Adventure therapy

Take a weekend off and escape with us into the wild. With help from the group and using the experience itself face and overcome your issues. AT can open doors to healing that traditional forms of talk therapy often can’t.

Skills Lab

The human touch is more important than ever before in business. In order to improve your performance, I created a place where it’s possible to learn from mistakes and become a better version of oneself.

On the move

When you blend the wisdom of ancient Greek philosophy with the latest scientific knowledge about effective learning the result is business training On the move.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:

We contacted Tijana about a company situation regarding employee satisfaction. After talking to us and making a detailed analysis of the situation, she gave us very useful guidance that enabled us to find a win-win solution, both for the management as well as for the employees.

Dragan Merlić

Vilstroj d.o.o.

I turned to Tijana after recognizing the symptoms of anxiety. It was rather demanding and sometimes painful but her acceptance attitude, her persistence and endless calm were the wind at my back that led me to the goal. I am immensely grateful to her for teaching me how to accept myself, find inner peace, and most importantly, how to turn emotional scars into emotional strength.

V. J.

Definitely “business consulting, coaching and training” in a completely modern and different way and yet “old school” enough to preserve the human contact at an enviable level. A recommendation for all of you who want to optimize your business growth without abusing yourself. A big thank you Tijana on behalf of the whole team as well as from myself.

Adisa Kljajić

Istra Fortuna Luxury Residence

Her uniqueness and professionality become evident at first contact. A big smile, chocolates and tea on the table, a continuous dialogue between us during our sessions and e-mails rich in materials I worked on in between sessions.
During this hard journey, with her by my side I didn’t feel alone at all.


We contacted Tijana because we were looking for help with our communication problems. From our first online session we immediately felt at ease and found a super professional person on the other side that above all was able to read us from the first glance. We really need to thank Tijana for all her help and patience because even if our path is not yet finished we have grown and improved
in very few sessions!
We would recommend her to everyone!

Micol & Stefano

Tijana is a great listener of messy thoughts: she is able to get to the core, organize and translate them into a language you will understand better. She has helped me through a difficult time in my life and I am immensely grateful to her for that.


I have worked with Tijana on several projects and she has always been more than a good partner. Her dedication to goals achievement, creativity in solving problems as well as her being able to see the positive side in difficult situations always produced good results. She is really a professional in her business but also a good person above all.

Muamer Mujević

CEO&Creative Director, Iconis Agency

Tijana is a person who really listens and feels, a professional who constantly cares about personalizing her approach according to specific circumstances. It is wonderful that she understood how I live my life through images therefore she often uses metaphors and stories to help me understand and “digest” all the things she is telling me.

I. B.

At first I hesitated because I was ashamed but in the end my friend persuaded me. And luckily it was so because Tijana saved my life. I was completely lost after my girlfriend left me. My life no longer made sense. I’m still single but now I can live with that (and this is what I was most afraid of!). I dedicated myself to work and hiking, something I always loved but neglected because of my relationship. Tijana thank you.

R. T.

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