Adventure therapy

Although the name may suggest that is all about having fun, adventure therapy is designed to have profound therapeutic benefits and teach valuable life lessons. With help from the group and using the experience itself face and overcome emotional issues, behavioral problems and many other challenges. Research suggests that it’s easier to come to terms with difficult emotions like loneliness, isolation, and anxiety when we’re in a natural environment. Also, spending time in nature has therapeutic benefits by itself: getting away from the daily pressures, being surrounded by spectacular natural beauty, breathing fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature can help you gain a new appreciation of life.


It fits you perfectly if:

  • You need to get back to your origins, discover your wilderness.
  • You think you could gain more benefit from working in a group setting.
  • You want to develop important skills to benefit from throughout your life.
  • You need to tap into deeply painful issues: it provides you with the opportunity to confront them and begin the healing process that’s essential to your growth and a happier life.