Health Couch

The couch has become the iconic symbol of psychotherapy in cartoons, television, and movies. Freud began utilizing the couch in the early 1900s because he noticed that encounters between patient and analyst are deepened when they are both freed from the constraints of looking at each other. The couch at its essence is thus a vehicle for personal freedom. Even if my studio has a yellow one, you won’t be constrained to lie on it. The couch here is just a metaphor for a comfy zone I created where you can feel safe enough to be free and express yourself whether you prefer to sit on the couch, an exercise ball or relax yourself on a bean bag.

It fits you perfectly if:

  • You prefer a traditional way of therapy, face to face.
  • You like to sit and relax in a comfortable place while you talk about your issues.
  • You are worried that someone could see us together. If this is the only reason, tell me and we’ll manage to find a solution if you would prefer to meet me outdoor.
  • You enjoy coming to the City to grab a cup of coffee or do some shopping after our session.