Begovo Razdolje, 19th – 22nd  September 2019

A theoretical and practical training, unique in Croatia, which implements the experiential methodology to facilitate soft skills development necessary to be effective leaders and good colleagues. A journey of growth and learning that will take place in the beautiful nature of Gorski kotar with the aim of raising awareness about the role one plays in the group, about one’s attitudes and their effects on others. The goal of the course is to grant new perspectives, to offer new possibilities of “being” leaders and team mates.

For 4 days the participants will share spaces, experiences and stories with other people. The main topics are leadership and teamwork. Working on teamwork means developing new attitudes to be comfortable with others while meeting personal needs. To become great leaders, on the other hand, participants will have the opportunity to recognize leadership in others, receive feedback on their leadership and have the opportunity to become the leader they always wanted to be.

The methodology used is the experiential one: the participants will take part at various activities and then facilitated in their reflection on these experiences of challenge, play and discovery going in depth, discovering what happened, why it happened, what can be learned from these experiences and how to apply this acquired knowledge in one’s daily life. The result of this guided reflection is an increase in self-awareness with the aim of correcting inadequate attitudes and acquiring new constructive behaviors. The experience gained from this safe place is the starting point for personal development. And they’ll have fun too!