On the move

Let me ask you a question: “Which would you rather do: take a walk or sit in a meeting or a training session?” No I’m not joking, in fact I’m quite serious. A lot has been written lately about this form of learning. Having a training session while walking is beneficial when it comes to brainstorming, visioning, reflection, goal-setting and networking. Inspired by Aristotle and his peripatetic school (in which lectures were held while walking in the streets), modern learning science has explored and validated the effectiveness of learning on the move. Based on its guidelines, training On the move has been created and now you have the possibility to experience it personally. How does it work? We choose an area of skills to work on (such as leadership, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution or other), create a group, plan a route (in the nature or in the city) and train while walking.

It fits you perfectly if:

  • You are curious and open to new experiences.
  • You are a passionate learner always searching for new techniques to enhance your personal growth.
  • You are an active and dynamic person.
  • You want to boost your companies performance by implementing innovative and efficient learning techniques.
  • You want to engage your employees with a modern team building program or incentive.