Tijana Debelić


The official line: I am a psychologist, a psychotherapist under supervision and an experiential trainer with ten years’ experience  in the psychological field.
I received my M.S. with Honors in Psychology at the University of Padua and I furthered my training in clinical therapeutic modalities such as CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and Mindfulness therapy.

The intimate line: I firmly believe in lifelong learning as a main resource for growth, wisdom, creativity and empowerment. I am a cheerful and active person, curious and open to new experiences.
I dream big and I am tenacious to make it realized. Nature is my source of refreshment and inspiration and practicing mindfulness allows me new points of view on life.
My biggest passion is helping others to get to know themselves more, to actualize their full potential and to satisfy their most intimate desire: to live a fulfilled life and leave their mark.

This is why I created Psi Qonsult.

Get in touch to see how I can help.
It only takes a moment and you are already one step closer to where you want to go.



My story



Born in Rijeka, Croatia into a cultural
melting pot family (with Croatian and Italian origins), rather typical for this beautiful port city.


My older brother and me. The day I was born he cried expecting a baby brother to play with. After this first shock we were inseparable. 🙂


This is me and my Zia Maria (“zia” meaning “aunt” in Italian).
The day she passed away was the saddest day of my life.


My #BFF Noema: still teaching me true friendship never dies but evolves embracing the persons you are becoming.


I studied in the only Italian high school in Rijeka, the last place I would have ever hoped to work someday.
But life is a funny thing! 🙂


Moved to Padova (IT) to study. For years it was like having two homes…The train was a moment to stay with myself, saying goodbye to one and welcoming the other.


My first love.
We said goodbye 5 years later. Some people are better away than together. 


Facing one of my biggest fears...the airplane.
Not easy but totally worth it.


The graduation day finally came, I received my MS with Honors in Psychology!



My father, my mentor and my friend. More than 20 years ago he created Pbiro, a business consulting company which I collaborate with till today.


Since life is the best teacher ever, I ended up working in my old high school. 🙂 I have learned a precious lesson: you must be open to everything that comes.


I finally met him. The one I hope to become old with.



A one-year training program that completely changed my way of teaching and facilitating learning processes. Here we are in Lithuania somewhere in the woods.


Sometimes life challenges us the hard way…but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


For quite some time I felt the need to create something with my own knowledge, skills and passion. And here it is:
welcome to Psi Qonsult.